Rectifier Transformers 

Rectifier Transformers are used to convert three phase power supply to quality DC power supply. Some of the rectifying transformers units are also suitable for use in severe environments

Our Services

  • The company is in repairing practice with 630kVA to 1000kVA.
  • The company manages Short-circuit impedance testing properly and makes z ~4.
  • About all types of models is being repaired.

Quality,Integrity & Innovation

Every employee of CCI shall serve his/her customer with commitment to highest possible level of Quality, by following high standards of personal and professional Integrity, and by continuously Innovating through research & design to achieve cost effective solutions to customer needs.

Our valuable clients electricity board and goverment of India.

Approved by CPRI and ERDA.

Approved in All Over Uttar Pradesh by MVVNL and Other Electricity Board.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company